Silver Virtual Office

Silver Virtual Office Service | Mail Forwarding & Phone Service

Silver virtual office service from 17th & Central Executive Suites is the favored choice for Wyoming virtual office services by our clients around the world.  You will receive everything you need to mirror a traditional office rental space in Wyoming.  A Cheyenne, Wyoming street address with a unique suite number, Wyoming mail forwarding, Wyoming phone service and a free phone.  You will not find a better valued service at $49 a month or $495 a year.


Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Like all of our Wyoming virtual offices, you will receive Wyoming mail forwarding for you Wyoming Corporation, Wyoming LLC or other type of Wyoming entity.  The mail is sent to your address from our Wyoming address once a week.  The postage is free for envelopes and packages are sent at cost.


Mail Forwarding Perks

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming Street Address – This is not an address in the middle of nowhere without any connection to business at all like our so called competitors.  You will be proud to list our address on your business paperwork.
  • Unique Suite Number Issued – You will not be forced to use the same address as many other businesses.  You will be issued your very own suite number.  Separate yourself from the rest.
  • Office Building Location – 1623 Central Ave, Cheyenne WY 82001 is home to a lovely office building across the street from the Wyo Lotto and down the street from the Wyoming Secretary of State.
  • Envelope Face Scanning – Make sure you know what is coming before it arrives.  Eliminate the wait time by seeing what you are expecting.
  • Online Account – Forget about searching through hundreds of emails to find your records.  We have it all on your online account.
  • Free Envelope Postage – You will never be charged a postage fee or deposit fee on your initial 20 pieces of free mail forwarding with registered agent service.
  • Packages Sent at Cost – In the chance that you get a package for your company at your Wyoming registered address, we will forward it to you at the cost of shipping.
  • Full Time Support – You may need help in the future with your mail.  Give us a call and we will sort out any problems or concerns with your Wyoming corporate mail.


Wyoming Phone Service

The silver virtual office has one great advantage over the bronze virtual office, Wyoming phone service.  You will be able to make and receive calls with your (307) area code phone number.  Show a total Wyoming presence with the Wyoming silver virtual office plan.


Phone Service Perks

  • Free VoIP Business Phone – Works at any location with high speed internet.  Broadband or faster is recommended.
  • (307) Phone Number – You have a Wyoming company, have a Wyoming phone number as well.  Look professional in your business.
  • (307) Fax to Email Number – Someone needs to fax your business?  No problem.  Give out your fax to email number.
  • Call Waiting – Do not miss an important call for your Wyoming business.  Can you hold please?
  • Call Forwarding – If you do not feel like sitting at one location waiting for your Wyoming business phone to ring, set up call forwarding to your cell.
  • Voice Mail – You will have the power to record and retrieve messages for your Wyoming 307 business phone line.
  • Defective Phone Replacement – We will always provide 100% satisfaction.
  • Full Time Support – Call or email us, that’s why we are here.



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